Riki Schumacher

FEBRUARY 6, 2015
9:00 am until 4:00 pm
$145 all-day class
Join me for a fabulous metals technique workshop!  So many skills are sprinkled in.  You will be designing and constructing a custom watchband. A combination of mixed metals may be used, as well as stampings, then cold connect all pieces together for fabulous layered look.
I have always loved watches, and used to make beaded ones many moons ago, they are really what launched me into jewelry.  So I’m super excited about this, and feel these are really unique! There are a ton of metal techniques involved in my hands on workshop.
Here are just a few of the skills you will learn in this unique workshop:
What metals to use in making this project
Tips on layering multiple pieces of metals
How to design a custom watchband
How to attach items to rounded pieces
Cutting and creating shapes in metal
Filing, fitting and drilling metal
How to patina and hand finish your creation
How to include a photo, if desired
*All levels are welcome*
KIT FEE - $14 – payable to instructor at class time and includes
Metals for band
Brass stamping or filigree
Jump rings
Micro hardware
Lobster claw clasp
Rivet hardware
Polishing pad, patinas, sand papers
Use of many tools and materials
Texture hammers
Bracelet mandrels
Drills & bits
Punches, files, hammers
Extra hardware
Wood for drilling
Extra metals and jump rings
Sealers, paint brushes
**Watches for purchase - I will have a variety of some cool watches available for purchase
Metal shears
Heavy wire cutters (Fat Daddy’s if you have them)
Steel block & rag
Rawhide or plastic hammer
Mini ball peen hammer (2-ounce preferably)
Regular ball peen hammer
Center punch
Flat metal file
Needle metal files
Pliers - flat nose, large round nose, small round nose
Bracelet benders if you have them
Ruler, pencil, fine tip permanent marker, masking or painters tape Metal hole punches (if you have them)
Small scissors
About 2” of small chain
6” of larger chain, (best if open links on the larger chain)
* Bring some beautiful small stampings, a touch of this and that, whatever you think might look great on a watchband, and can be drilled and attached.  Thin attachments are good, and no wider than about 13mm. Metal tags, stampings like crowns or filigree, a bit of sparkle, old tintypes, photographs, frame stampings, and so many possibilities.  Just give some thought to the comfort of it on the band while wearing, as well as capability of attaching.
Ott light - battery powered (with lots of batteries), or plug-in variety with an extension cord
If you want to add a photo, bring a small one about ½” by ½” wide or so, or to fit a frame stamping you might bring.
*Feel free to bring a watch of your own - You’ll need one with about a 15-18mm bar opening (band width).
FEBRUARY 7, 2015
9:00 am until 4:00 pm
$145 all-day class
Join me in this wonderfully creative, hands-on metals workshop.  You will be designing a custom pendant with a soldered bezel and brass stamping, a darling scallop look, and a dob of rhinestones if you like. What picture will go inside your bezel? How about a sepia tone of a relative or loved one? Or you could use a beautiful hand made “Auratone” I will be providing.  These are fabulous sepia tone photos with a lovely gold background, a process my friend Barbara Buckles invented.  She will be supplying some Auratones specifically for this workshop. These little works of art are a blast to make, and have such a special feel to them with their royal “lace” effect.  I can’t wait to share this with you.
Here’s a few of the wonderful techniques included in the class:
-       instruction on soldering with a micro butane torch
-       how to flood a bezel with solder
-       how to stamp words in to metal
-       the secret of how to solder on rhinestone chain with a micro torch
-       how to make a handmade clasp for your necklace
-       techniques in wiring objects together
-       how to drill for eyelets, then hand set
-       how to cut and file metal
-       Riki’s technique of adding a romantic lace look to metal
-       how to paint angel wings and doo-dads on your photo
-       assistance in design elements of creating your necklace, basic wire techniques
The result is a feast for the eyes, and fit for a queen! 
KIT FEE - $15 – payable to instructor at class time and includes
Auratone photos
Rhinestone chain
Sheet metal
Brass stamping
Patterns for the pendant
Brass wire for a hand made clasp
Use of many tools and supplies
Heat safe surfaces
Some soldering bricks and supplies - flux, solder, cups, brushes, quench bowls
Extra files
Paint, paintbrushes
Extra jewelry tools
Patinas, sealers
Sand papers, polishing pads, green scrubbies, paper towels
Metal alphabet
Micro Butane torch (contact me if you don’t have one), butane fuel**, soldering brick if you have one, cheap long nose pliers (Harbor Freight)
** I will have extra fuel for sale at the retreat for those flying in!
Basic jewelry tools - round nose and needle nose pliers, flush wire cutters
Files - needle metal files, half round file (medium to fine)
Small sewing scissors
Steel block
Plastic or leather hammer
1/16” eyelet setting if you have one
Center punch
Metal cutting shears
Vintage objects to add to your necklace, like beads, buttons, crystals, pearls (with holes big enough for 20ga wire)
20ga wire of some kind to wire necklace together (copper, brass, bronze or sterling)
Extra bling to add like rhinestone earrings or brooches
Chain for necklace
Apron, rag, fine tip permanent marker
Mask, if sensitive to fumes
Feel free to bring your own picture of some sort to use in your pendant, a one-inch circle size.  You might want to bring old rhinestone bracelets for the necklace portion, or old rhinestone bits to add.
Ott light - battery powered (with lots of batteries), or plug-in variety with an extension cord
Small metal hole punch
FEBRUARY 8, 2015
9:00 am until 4:00 pm
The Tab, Please!
$145 all-day class
In this metal smith workshop, you will learn how to make, and incorporate, a tab setting into an assemblage pendant. Tabs are fun to make, versatile, and just darn gorgeous! So many things can be tab set like antique items, cabochons, found objects, and just about anything that is flat on the bottom side.  Many items can’t be set in a traditional bezel, and there are tons of objects that can’t be soldered on to metal due to their fragility. This method may be used over and over again when you get home, where you can set those items you’ve been wanting to but didn’t have the know-how.
I can’t wait to teach you how to do a no-solder setting, using sheet metal and cold connections. You will love introducing this skill in to your bag of tricks.
I hope you join me! I look forward to sharing this art with you, along with many more techniques!
Here are a few of the techniques you will learn in this metal smith workshop:
-       how to design a tab setting to fit your object
-       how to add a word or two to your design with metal
-       how to create the setting from scratch
-       ways to texture a tab for more adornment
-       arranging the setting to work with your other design elements
-       how to cut and file metal
-       drilling and filing metals
-       the proper way of “setting” an item into a tab
-       how to patina and hand finish your piece
-       incorporating your work into a custom necklace
*All levels are welcome*
KIT FEE - $15 – payable to instructor at class time and includes
A stamping for a base
Polishing cloth
Micro hardware
Use of tools and materials
Dremel drills & bits
Extra hardware
Extra metal files
Patinas, sand paper, adhesives, polishing cloths
Texturing hammers
A few bench pins for those who need to use a jewelers saw
* I will bring extra antique photo pins, a few cabochons, various objects to set, and base plate stampings available for purchase.
Metal shears
Files - needle metal files, standard metal files
Steel block & rag
Item to tab-set like an antique photo pin or cabochon (1” to 1-¼” wide and tall if you use my optional base stamping. You can use an item larger too, but no larger than about 1-¾”.)
Rawhide or plastic flat hammer
Jewelry tools - fine nose pliers, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutters, ruler, paper, pencil
Extra objects to add to pendant - can be vintage or modern
Any bling you might want to add anywhere
Items to wire into your necklace and 20ga wire for that
Ott light - battery powered (with lots of batteries), or plug-in variety with an extension cord
If you are setting an item smaller thank one inch, you will need to bring a jewelers saw and #3/0 or #4/0 saw blades. (I will have a few on hand too.)